Happy New Year!

Calvin always makes me smile.


A bit of a narcissist, isn’t he? Keep living in that bubble, buddy! πŸ˜‰

There are areas which I can improve… and I actively work on making improvements.

I don’t make New Years resolutions. I’ve always found them to be a bit silly. Why should I wait to make improvements? Nope,Β  I make short and long term goals throughout year.



Happy New Year Everyone!

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curls and q

Q – No resolutions either. Have some goals though. 😎 Happy New Years!
curls and q recently posted..And So It Begins


Happy New Year to you also Opal!!!!
Nicky recently posted..Ready, Set, Go!: Craft Book Challenge 2013


Hahaha, I love that cartoon :). I’m not making any resolutions either, I try to set short term goals too, and sort of just go with the flow.
Susanne recently posted..Thoughts for the new year


I’m like you – I don’t make resolutions either. I do make short term ones thru-out the year as well!
Jennifer recently posted..Stuffed Mushrooms – on New Years Eve


I hear ya!!!
Jennifer recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Funnel


LOL!!! I shared that cartoon on Facebook. Perfect in every way. I don’t bother making resolutions, will conveniently forget them, anyway. Hope your New Year has got to a bright new start – all the best in the days ahead! God bless.
suituapui recently posted..Meet me in the barn…

Beth Ellen Nagle

Sorry late. Happy New Years friend! πŸ™‚

I agree about resolutions. I am not against them per se but I see the wisdom of being resolved throughout the year. It seems a New Years resolution is a procrastinators catch up game. lol I do procrastinate more than I should… sigh
Beth Ellen Nagle recently posted..Feeding A Nuthatch