Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving mouse

In the United States Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the month. In our country, Thanksgiving is the most traveled holiday of the year.

We’re usually away for the Thanksgiving holidays, and the condo where we reside is perfect for relaxation. It overlooks a gorgeous lake, and my daughter and I spend our mornings on the beach collecting seashells. I look forward to the Thanksgiving holidays, since it gives me a chance to reconnect with family members that I don’t see too often. It’s also a time that I completely relax.

Do we need a special holiday to be thankful? Of course not, I’m sure many of use give thanks throughout the year. I’m definitely thankful for my loved ones, and I make an effort to let those people know (throughout the year) how much they mean to me often.

Have a wonderful day, and for those in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving!

This post was written in advance, since I’m away for the Thanksgiving holidays. I won’t be checking my personal mail. My holidays are spent taking a break from everything technology related. I’ll be back soon, and will respond to comments, and visit your virtual homes.

Blessings, Opal

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Happy Thanksgiving Opal! Stay safe on the road.
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Manuel Marino

Happy Thanksgiving! this is a great tradition that has an inspiring story behind it, the story of the Founding Fathers and how they survived the first years in America.

Half of them did not survive, but the remaining ones made it, and this is really inspiring, considering native americans helped them.
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[…] daughter and I enjoyed spending our Thanksgiving holiday in South Carolina. I do have one major regret <sighs> with all the chatter about my Nikon […]


Thanks for the email today! I’m so glad you had a nice holiday with your daughter! That’s wonderful! 🙂
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