Homemade Calzones filled with spinach and mushrooms

Last week, I decided to make homemade calzones. It’s been a few years since I’ve made them, and I must say these turned out very well.

I made enough of the calzones so that I could freeze and bring out when I did not feel like preparing a meal.

I prepared this dough a few days before. Because of this, once it produced a flavorful crust once baked. I didn’t use instant yeast; I used the wild yeast that I’d made from flour and water.

The dough was extremely springy

and it created the perfect canvas for adding the filling.

I still need to work on making pretty edges. However, none of the filling spilled out. Once sealed, the calzones were placed onto my baking steel to bake at 550 for 12 minutes. My daughter loved these calzones. I’ll be sure to make them again.

Because of coronavirus, I’m home a lot more than I usually am. I am conducting a few virtual meetings. However, it’s not the same as interacting with people. No complaints here, I’m making the most of the extra time allotted to me at home, and I’m staying busy.

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