Homemade Lasagna

It’s been several months since I made lasagna; however, I made lasagna for my daughter on Saturday.

Veggie Lasagna

I love shell lasagna; however, that was not in stock, so the store substituted the shell pasta with the sheet pasta. We went out yesterday to pick up the additional ingredients for my veggie lasagna. When going to a store, I typically take advantage of the curbside pick-up, and yesterday was no exception. How was the lasagna? My daughter called the lasagna “juicy,” one of her favorite terms for food she likes. Since it was only the two of us, there was plenty of lasagna left over. I placed the remaining lasagna in meal-sized portions and had her put them in our chest freezer. This is perfect; when I don’t feel like preparing a meal, we can always get an already-prepared meal from our freezer.

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