Homemade Pizza and chocolate chip cookies

I made a homemade pizza today. My daughter said it was excellent; however, I didn’t use my Ooni pizza outdoor oven. As mentioned, yesterday I finally received my Ooni Pro. It rained yesterday, and we received rain throughout the day today. Since I did not want my first experience with my outdoor pizza oven to be spent getting rained upon while I tested out the oven, I decided to postpone using the outdoor pizza oven a bit longer.  I’m hoping next weekend the weather will be much better.

I just used our regular oven to make the pizza. I used my baking steel for the crisp crust that my daughter and I love.

And since the pizza peel that I’d specifically ordered arrived this morning, I used that when sliding the pizza into the oven. You might see part of the handle in the above picture. I must say that the pizza dough wasn’t as flavorful since I made and used the dough the same day. I typically wait a few days before making the pizza since the dough is much more flavorful.


Yesterday I made my daughter homemade chocolate chip cookies.

I made enough to make four dozen. However, I only baked one dozen last evening.

The rest of the cookie dough will be baked at a later time. Chilling the cookie dough allows it to become more hydrated, and the flavor is enhanced. As the flour breaks down into sugar, the dough becomes sweeter. As with the pizza dough, I used my Ankarsrum 6230 stand mixer. I love that mixer. I’ve had it for a little over a year, and it’s worth the amount of money ($699) that I paid. It blasts through anything I place into it without any issues. It should outlast me. Thus far, the most I’ve mixed in this mixer was about 12 cups of bread dough.

Tomorrow, after work, I’m hoping to make sushi. I’ll make a vegan and meat version. Last evening I purchased a Sushi Bazooka maker from Amazon. It arrived this morning. The device should make rolling the sushi even easier than using the bamboo mat.


The above video is what made me decide to make the purchase.

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