Adventures in Beekeeping: Preparing my honeybees for winter

I just realized that it’s been a while since I’ve posted about my honeybees.

The hive is growing strong, all the females; workers, cleaning bees, nurse bees, etc.,  have come together to create a healthy & vibrant hive. I’m so proud of them. I still walk in our woods and check them out several times weekly. I love observing them, as they leave and return to the nest. I walk right up to their hive as they buzz about me. Thus far, I haven’t been stung. I’ve always found honeybees to be very docile, at least the ones I’ve encountered, and they pretty much have left me alone. I also enjoy peering inside the observation window too. One thing, I don’t do too much is open up their hive.

I guess I differ from some beekeepers in that sense, and perhaps someone might change my mind about getting in their more often, but it’s highly unlikely. I think they will be much healthier, the less I’m in their disrupting their bee space. This is a newbie beekeeper (although very well researched beekeeper) talking, but I could be wrong. If I am, I’ll admit my error. Because of the observation windows, I tend to stay as hands off as possible and let the honeybees do their own thing.

They say, that your garden will usually increase in produce if there is a hive close by and I must say that we have seen an overabundance of produce has been okra, onion, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage cucumber, squash, etc., You get the picture. The thing is… we always see a lot of produce but this year it’s been over the top with our one acre of garden. We’ve been truly blessed.

Have I harvested any honey?

I haven’t harvested any honey and I’m not sure that I’ll do so this year, I’m not a big honey eater, but I would use it as a facial mask since it’s so good for your skin. It’s the honeybees food, and I want to make sure they have enough food to sustain them through the winter. Judging by the Farmer’s Almanac, it’s going to be a cold winter. We’ll see if their forecast is right, they were right last year.

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I was just thinking about your bees the other day wondering how they were doing

Also was curious about the weather change and how that was being handled by all of them
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Yes, winter’s coming. Hope it will be a good one for you all this year. The weather’s acting up all over these days. 🙁
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