Hooks and Needles; downtime projects

So… I’m coming to the end of my latest pattern test, and I’ve told myself not to volunteer for anything else until August..

Yeah, we’ll see how that goes.

In my defense some of the crocheted and knitted patterns that I’ve tested (over the past seven months) have been added to my Christmas list, a few were given to my daughter and her classmates, and some of the items I pattern tested were donated to a few local charities where I’m actively involved.

Items like the crocheted bookworm bookmarks, weren’t from a pattern tests, but were inspired by watching a crochet designers bookmarks, and thinking back to the bookmarks I received as a child. So no pattern test with those, just made them based on my childhood memories. The bookworms were made for my daughter and her third grade class, the majority of them love to read I might add, how cool is that? At her age, I was reading at high school level, my daughter is doing the same.

So… for my Christmas list, it means since some of the pattern tested items were made as gifts, that’s one less item for me to make. Yeah!

At the speed I’m going, I should be finished my handcrafted items before October is over. I still need to make holiday cards for the upcoming holidays; Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas… but those are a lot easier to make, thanks to my Cuttlebug, awesome collection of stamps (traditional and digital), and a super creative mommy and daughter duo (my daughter and I).

When I need a break from some of my larger projects, like the knitted Coraline sweater I’ll be making for my daughter, or the knitted Guernsey sweater I’ll be knitting for my father, I’ll be adding washcloths/dishcloths to the mix. Both are the perfect size to try out new design ideas, and the result is I have a product that I can use, or gift to someone else.

Downtime projects; crocheted and knitted dishcloths and washcloths

I’ve always adored hand crocheted and knitted dishcloths/washcloths over the typical store bought variety. I found them to be a lot thicker, and more absorbant. My hand-crocheted and knitted washcloths also do a great job of gently exfoliating the skin. My dishcloths are excellent in cleaning utensils where common kitchen scrubbers are a No-No. They’re made from 100% cotton after all.

Before I use them, or send them or gift them to others… I always toss them in the wash a few times, to get rid of the residue that the store bought yarn is treated with during processing. Those who receive them as gifts, have always clamored for more, and raved about how much they like them more than the store bought variety.

How long does it take to make crocheted or knitted washcloths/dishcloths?

The knitting variety usually takes between one to six hours to create depending on the complexity, yarn, and needles used.  Crochet (usually)takes a lot less. My preference is the knitted variety. Mainly because I find them to be more stretchy, which I adore. But, I love the crocheted ones also, and have made several of those when trying out new stitches/design ideas.

While I’m not sure when I’ll be posting a washcloth/dishcloth giveaway, eventually I’ll do one here at Celebrate Life. It most likely will be towards Autumn, by that time my soapmaking days (for the year at least) will be over, and I can include that in my giveaway.

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I always say I’m not going to volunteer for a while and end up doing just the opposite, too! 🙂 You sure do have a lot of projects in the works and I am always super excited to see them!!! Thanks for the comments on my latest post! It means a lot 🙂 HUGS!
Jennifer recently posted..Peace, Love, and Chalk!


It’s funny how much of the same things we do (you and I). I’m currently working on spa boxes for 2 of my gift recipients at work. I’ve gotten some great ideas around the web and can’t wait to try them out. Included in each box though will be three wash-clothes.

I prefer the knitted variety too — I find them more flexible. Can’t wait to see what patterns you come up with!
Nicky recently posted..30DOC: Inspiration