How did you know my name!

Today, I helped out in my daughter’s fourth grade science class….

The project they were working on was a barometer experiment, the barometers have been made in class, so now the children will be taking their projects home for a week. They’ll record their findings daily, log the information into the provided journal, and next week they’ll be returning it to class.

Each year, I tell my daughter’s  teacher that I’m available to assist if they ever need help, all they have to do is ask. One of the perks from working from home, I can occasionally help out at school.

Some of the teachers, even though they need the help, don’t ask too much… whereas others will. I’m so glad my daughter’s fourth grade homeroom teacher is the latter. Today marked the first time I helped this school year. I definitely appreciate everything the teachers at the Lutheran school, my daughter attends, does with our children.  I always tell them they have my support, throughout the year. I can’t say enough good things about the teachers at my daughters Lutheran school, they are amazing role models. The amount of love, compassion, and dedication they show for each student is apparent. I consider myself blessed that my daughter is taught by them.

Most of the students have attended the Lutheran school since kindergarten, so of course I remember them. I even know the three kids new to the school/class since my daughter told me their names and described them to me. You should have seen the look of surprise (and delight) on their faces when I was able to say all their names correctly. How did you know our names? asked S. I replied, “Don’t you remember I’ve been volunteering since kindergarten? How could I possibly have forgotten such wonderful children?” But how did you know the new kids name? asked K. “Oh, my daughter told me their names, and I remembered.” Even though it was something ‘small’ apparently I was a big hit in my daughter’s class.

The class size at my daughter’s Lutheran school is small, about 15 students — so that makes it easy. I love children, and enjoy spending time with them, and listening to what they have to say. When I pick up my daughter each day, not only do I as about her, I ask how the other children, in her class are doing. Upon leaving the science class, S thanked me for remembering his name. I remember how impressed  I was at that age, when adults paid attention to us children, and I promised myself if I ever became an adult… I would do the same thing.




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What an amazing post! Put a smile on my face! And of course I am always excited to hear when kids have smiles on their faces, too, and you are WONDERFUL at that!!
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That is so wonderful. One of the men at church makes it a point to learn all the kids names and greet them by name because he remembers how nice it was as a kid when an adult would call him by name. I am bad to get names mixed up, and that just kills me. I know who is who, but yet the right name won’t come out sometimes. :-/
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So sweet… It is so different here – parents hardly bother to help out in the schools and if anything goes wrong, the teachers and the school will get the blame. Cases of teachers being sued for trying to discipline their kids even. The sad state of affairs in our society here today. Nobody respects teachers anymore.
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Students love it when teachers know their names. I made it a point to learn all of them by the first week of school each year – not that easy with Asian names – not for me, that is.
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