How do you do that voodoo

Several years ago, I knit this voodoo doll for my daughter. I’ve made her a lot of amigurumi’s over the years. What’s amigurumi? Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. She loved that knitted toy so much, that I eventually knit her another one. Nine years later, she still has them displayed on her bed.

Voodoo Doll – Knitted Amigurumi Doll

Two weekends ago, when my brother and nephew were visiting us, my nephew saw one of my daughter’s knitted voodoo amigurumi’s (I made two for her) and said that he liked them. I told him I would make him one. I hunted around for the appropriate yarn; however, I did not find that anything that was superwash wool, and so yesterday I logged onto Michael’s and ordered Paton’s sock yarn. I was happy to discover that they had a sale; buy one, get one free; because of that, I purchased eight skeins of yarn. Does ut take eight skeins to knit one voodoo doll? Of course, it doesn’t; however, the cooler months are always a fabulous time to knit socks, don’t you think?

I’m looking forward to an afternoon of hanging with my daughter while knitting the voodoo doll for my nephew. He’ll be here this coming weekend. I’m hoping to have it finished by that time.

In other news

I finished my first full week of simply working/without training. I must say it feels great. There’s still so much to learn; however, I’m surrounded by a fabulous boss, wonderful teammates, that it makes the career change transition much easier.

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