I finally started sewing my capsule wardrobe

If you have friended me on Facebook you know that yesterday I finally got around to creating and sewing my own capsule wardrobe. I posted a picture of my almost completed maxi skirt. I say “almost,” because I still need to add the hem, the elastic, and I think I’m going to add a small split to the back of the skirt. However, the bulk of the dress is finished.

It’s about time I started on that, right? I posted about doing that a few months ago.



The above video reminded me of Morris Day and the Time… colorful, wild and funky. I believe this is Bruno Mar’s latest video release and I must say, I’m loving the song and the style that is portrayed throughout the video. The color blocked suit jacket, shirt, purple socks, red and black boots. I’m definitely loving the color of Bruno’s suit jacket, after all it’s one of my favorite colors to wear.

And of course I’m loving Bruno, I paid attention to him as soon as he hit the music scene. 😉 I love the way he sings, his look and style.

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Oooo…I love that song. First heard it on X Factor UK the other day…and it created quite a stir. I hope the contestant wins…come the final this weekend. She’s good – either her or the Italian.
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Oh YES!!!!! I’m in LOVE with this song! I first heard it on Saturday Night Live this past year when he was on it! LOVED IT! Of course it’s FUNKY and I have been into FUNK lately…this was pretty old school sounding…I think that is why I liked it so much 🙂
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Oh yes! The suits were PERFECT for this video!!!!
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