I survived my daughter’s first sleepover!

SleepoverWith a title like that you would think the sleepover was at our house, but it wasn’t. This past Friday, my daughter had her first sleepover at O’s house;  one of her best friends.

I’m very particular about who my daughter hangs out with and there’s no way she’s sleeping over anyone’s house unless I know the parents well. There’s too many bad things that can happen for me to be slacking on that. My daughter, and her friend, have known each other since kindergarten and I know the parents fairly well. I knew my daughter was in good hands.

Her parents took them to watch Independence Day fireworks in downtown Baltimore. They were being set off at the Inner Harbor. O’s dad is a Board member for an organization and they always have something on Independence Day. Because of  O’s dads hookup, they were in a prime location with all sorts of goodies and entertainment.

You want to know something? It’s the first time my daughter and me have been separated for a night and it felt… strange!

My daughter and her friend stayed up past 12:00 a.m. I know this because my daughter texted me via Apple’s  iMessage to see if  I was awake. No, I wasn’t awake. I went to bed shortly after she texted me (around 10:30 p.m.) to tell me that they had arrived back at her friends house safely. Hey, it’s a mommy’s job to make sure her child is ok. 😉

I will say that I did get a lot accomplished while she was gone. A lot of cleaning was accomplished! I wound up the evening watching Lord of the Rings (for the umpteenth time) while knitting.  The next morning I was able to go to the gym without having to have someone watch my daughter. My daughter is 11 years old. She does not stay home by herself.

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To this day, I would worry whenever my daughter has to go anywhere – I would want her to text me now and then. So sweet and thoughtful of your girl to do the same. Bet you missed her heaps…and kept thinking of her all the time. Been there, done that! LOL!!!
suituapui recently posted..Wait for a minute…