Itching to stitch, but no time today!

The past two days my daughter has had play dates at our home. We spent most of the time outdoors. My goodness, was that fun but I didn’t accomplish anything that I’d planned for my four days off of work. Based on how extremely busy I was the fact that I did squeeze time to do any machine embroidery is impressive.  I did find myself hopping on the computer to check out a few errors and learn about my new machine. But other than that, I was offline keeping my technology interaction low.

Since it’s one of the newer models (I believe it was released in January 2014) there is not too much information from ‘real folks’ writing about the Brother Designio Series DZ820E. I guess, I’ll do my part and document what I do. Hopefully, it’ll help those who eventually purchase one of these machine embroidery machines for themselves. From what I’ve been reading it’s the same as the Brother PE770 ( that’s the brand I initially planned on purchasing) but with a slightly different appearance and a few extra goodies tossed into the box.

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This has certainly been the week of ‘no time’ I totally agree! WOWZA!

I’ll have to check this video out in it’s entirety soon 🙂 Thanks!
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