Japanese Milk Bread

This morning I made a sandwich bread.

Japanese Milk Bread

Just look at it! My inspiration was the fluffy dinner rolls that I had made. They were so delicious that I decided to make a loaf of bread using the same recipe. One of my Instagram pals suggested that I give Japanese Milk Bread a try. Interestingly enough, I’d been seeing recipes floating about for this recipe, and I mentally had added it to my ‘must-try’ list for bread baking.

Looking at the ingredients, they’re the same as the dinner rolls; the only difference is it’s in loaf form after the dough has doubled in size.

I used my bench scraper to cut my dough into

two long strips

and then I rolled them into cylinders.

I placed them into a lightly oiled pan and let the cylinders double in size again. It took about forty minutes. I placed the Japanese Milk Bread into a 350 F oven and let bake for thirty minutes. I used my thermometer to ensure that the baked bread’s core temperature was 200 F. It was, and so I set aside on a steel wire rack to cool.

I used the tangzhong method,  just like I used for the fluffy dinner rolls. Results? Just like the rolls, this loaf bread is soft

and has many delicate layers of baked goodness.

This recipe for Japanese Milk Bread is perfect as a sandwich bread or toasted with homemade jam. The latter is how I ate my slice this afternoon, but I didn’t toast the bread. This is going to by my “go-to” recipe for sandwich bread.


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