Jointed doll for Christmas; Charing Cross Road Fashion Luxury J-doll

The past several months, my daughter has been raving about ball jointed dolls. Besides the obvious poseable appeal because they’re jointed, she likes the exquisite detail that goes into creating many of them. She also likes the anime vibe that several of these dolls have.

Currently my daughters favorite jointed dolls are Dollfie dolls which are made by Volks, a Japanese company. Checking out the pictures she’s shown me I must agree with her that the craftsmanship is amazing.


Super Dollfie
Super Dollfie doll


Just look at the above (collectible) Super Dollfie doll, it’s miles ahead of the department store dolls and for the price you have to pay to acquire one, they better be! Many of the Dollfie dolls, cost over $1,000, with the cheapest starting around $500+, but I’m not about to pay that as a beginning collectible doll for my daughter regardless of how awesome we both think they are. In my (childless) doll collecting days, I most likely would have purchased a few of these dolls.

Although I won’t be getting her a Dollfie doll, after a lot of research, I’ve found a jointed doll collection that she will enjoy; J-Dolls. I know what my daughter finds appealing. When it comes to dolls, we like the same things.  She’ll be thrilled to receive one of the J-Dolls as a Christmas present.


J-Doll Charing Cross_2
Charing Cross Road Fashion Luxury J-doll By Jun Planning


Charing Cross Road Fashion Luxury J-doll product description

Designer style combines with an ultra hip street edge in the luxury J-Dolls by Jun Planning. These luxury style fashion dolls are inspired by contemporary street fashions, and include edgy, trendy and special designer details. 11 inch vinyl fully articulated fashion doll with sparkling real glass eyes. Doll stand is included. Recommended age is 15+. Charing Cross Road sports a great coat, frayed grey pants, and lace up boots. She has green glass eyes and honey brown hair.

Take a look at the above J-Doll. She’s the Charing Cross Road Fashion Luxury J-doll By Jun Planning.  Last week, I purchased it for about $80. Of course, I could have kicked myself when, a few hours later, I saw the same doll on Ebay for $60. I do like that the cost of many of the J-Dolls are between $35 – $70. That’s much better than paying several hundred dollars for my budding doll collector, right?

J-Dolls receive their names from locations throughout the world

According to the Toy Box Philosopher, the J Dolls receive their names from stylish places located throughout the world, that symbolize high fashion.

The J-Dolls are named after streets throughout the world that symbolize high fashion. Each doll’s outfit reflects the character of the particular street she’s named after. For example, Sunset Boulevard is near the ocean in Los Angeles and the doll with that name kind-of looks like a mermaid. Some of the associations are lost on me, though. The stunning Via Appia doll is named after an ancient Roman road, but she looks more like a cross between a World War 2 nurse and a pirate.

Oh by the way, Charing Cross is an actual place, and it’s located in London. Interesting indeed…

The above video was taken during London Fashion Week Fashion International which was held at the Charing Cross Hotel.

Based on the reviews, I believe my daughter will be thrilled with this jointed doll and the quality is so much better than her Monster High dolls. Of course, this gives me an excuse to pull out my Brother Sewing machines, and make some high end clothing for this jointed doll J-Doll. 😉 I did the same thing with her Monster High dolls.

I used to collect porcelain dolls and have even passed some of my fine porcelain dolls to my daughter. I only gave them to her since she’s shown me that she can properly take care of them. I must say that I’m thrilled that my daughter is becoming more critical of the dolls available, rather than being swept up into wanting an item based on the popularity amongst her friends, she’s looking for features that in her mind make the doll stand out. Of course, the former doll collector within, has always  done this with the dolls that I’ve purchased for her in the past, but I’ve kept my mouth shut. 😉

Christmas shopping is complete

The majority of this years Christmas shopping, with the exception of a few gifts,was completed by at the beginning of Spring 2013. The J-Doll is a last minute gift for my daughter and I must say I’m really looking forward to seeing her reaction on Christmas morning.

Hopefully she won’t read this post

My daughter occasionally reads my website. I must say I’m taking a big risk writing this post. In fact… my daughter is less than fifteen feet away from me while I’m writing this advanced post. Good thing, she’s doing her own story writing, right? My computer is positioned in such a way where I can see exactly what she’s doing, but she can’t see my computer screen, ha! Hopefully I’ll be safe, this post is scheduled for early Sunday morning and I’ve purposely scheduled a few posts for that day so this article won’t be the first thing that appears on Celebrate Life.




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I LOVE that this doll has 2 different color eyes 🙂 those 2 colors are so vibrant, too!

Also like the maroon-ish color of her outfit 🙂
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I know of a few people with different color eyes – of course many cats and dogs with different color eyes too! 😛
Jennifer recently posted..Hubby’s Family’s Thanksgiving & What I Brought


Nice dolls! My girl has outgrown them though she still loves soft toys and will buy the nice cute ones. I spent a fortune on her Barbies when she was growing up.
suituapui recently posted..Christmas don’t be late…