Juice Cleanse: Drinking 64 – 96 ounces per day = Three jars per day

Today will mark Day 8 of my juice cleanse. I’m feeling great!

A few hours ago, I felt slightly tired but I realized that’s because besides one cup of vegetable juice (around 5:30 a.m. this morning) I hadn’t drank any more juice. That was easily remedied by juicing and drinking. If I hadn’t shared last nights juice batch with my daughter this morning, I would have had plenty of juice to last until this evening. But I love sharing with my daughter and it’s nice to see her jump on the bandwagon and drink my juices too. She’s still eating her meals.

Juice Cleanse_Pinapple juice blend and collard greens_1

Since I had to make juice anyway, I made enough to fill two Ball jars. The orange juice is actually a sweet juice blend. Yes, a shocker for me but something I added yesterday when I was stopping a cold in it’s tracks. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post about that amazing story some time this week. The second juice is the juices I normally drink. Dark green vegetables. Hot peppers, garlic, and onions are in each jar. The green juice has much more so it’s extremely potent.  I didn’t need to make a third jar, since I’d already consumed a jar today. Three jars full of juice is enough to last me throughout the day.

Although it’s Day 8 of my Juice Cleanse, I’m still not hungry. I’m getting more than enough nutrients from the juices I consume. There’s no way I could eat the amount of produce I’m drinking on a daily basis. Sometimes I get bored with just drinking juice. Remember I love being creative in the kitchen. However I’m able to ease that boredom by continuing to prepare my daughter freshly made food daily. No, I don’t get tempted even though the food does smell great!

What I’ve noticed while drinking only juices

  1. My skin is a lot clearer
  2. The whites of my eyes are becoming clear
  3. No white patches on my tongue
  4. Heightened awareness
  5. Clear nasal passages
  6. Passed a lot of mucous in my bowel movements
  7. Morning bowel movements occur about the same time daily
  8. Softer skin – my skin is already soft

There are other things I’ve noticed and many of the ones I’ve mentioned above I’ve experienced on past juice cleanses.I’m looking forward to consuming juices for at least one more week…


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TOTALLY agree!!! teehee 😉
Clean Up isn’t as fun!
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