Juice Cleanse: Watermelon Juice

This watermelon came from our garden, it wasn’t overly sweet like some watermelons are, it had a touch of sweetness but the juice was great


Last week, I made this delicious juice. It stood out from the majority of the juices I made from dark leafy greens. I filled up my Green Feet canteen, and off to work I went. I still had enough left over to drink a few glasses when I returned home.

Watermelon Juice_1

Watermelon is a natural diuretic (removes excess water.) Don’t be surprised if you have to urinate a lot when drinking this juice.

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Oh? We can get this easily here. Hmmmm…gotta go out and grab one now!
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I LOVE watermelon juice!!!!!
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I actually thought it will increase the water in the body? I prefer this homemade watermelon juice because it doesent have the chemicals additives and not only give much needed vitamin c but also fight the free radicals!