Juicing adventures: Oh my the cravings

Yesterday (late afternoon) I was slammed with a ton of food cravings. I know they’re cravings because I’m not hungry in the least. I sat back and thought about my cravings and I realized that what I was “craving” was to cook some meals. I love the act of preparing meals. Since I’d prepared food in advance, the past few days I haven’t had to make any meals for my daughter.

Okay, that’s doable! My daughter still is eating solids even though I’m still consuming only juices.  The girl ate great last evening. Well she always eats great since I prepared her meals. Last evening I made stuffed shell lasagna, steamed broccoli, with a mango/pineapple smoothie. Was I tempted? No not really. Well… the smoothie looked delicious, but other than that I was feeling fine.

Daily enemas with my juice fast

My resolve is strengthened because of the results I’m seeing. Accompanying my juice fasts are daily enemas, the stuff I’m seeing is a blog post for another day. I even took pictures and most likely will get around to posting that soon. I will say the dark green juices I’ve been consuming has really been kicking candida albicans butt, and I’m thrilled about that. Many of the candida symptoms I’m seeing are disappearing. I’m still not sure if I’ve gotten rid of the overgrowth, but judging by what I’ve seen on this fast and with the aid of the enemas I’ve sent a lot of it packing, and that’s a good thing!

Am I having any detox symptoms while on my juice cleanse?

Have I had any detox symptoms? No, not really… but then again my daily diet is very healthy. If you eat a crappy diet, your experience might not be the same as mine. Over the years, I’ve read numerous accounts of people that have had been on juice fasts/cleanses the ones that seemed to get hammered the hardest were those who had poor diets before. My thoughts, if your diet is unhealthy it’d would be much better to ease into a juice cleanse/fast slowly by making healthier food choice. Perhaps have one meal that’s juice and the rest of the meals make sure that you are making healthy food choices. That means ditch the fast food, empty calorie foods, processed foods, and feast on whole foods.  From my research, the ones that experienced the most negative side effects were those who ate poorly before. Some of those people who had crappy reactions while drinking only juice automatically blamed it on the juice cleanse/fast first instead of taking a step back and seeing if their eating habits could have possibly contributed to the way they’re feeling.

How’s my juicing going today? Day 6 is going very well. I still haven’t eaten anything, but I’m definitely receiving my nutrients by juicing a wide range of (mainly non-sweet vegetables) and fruit. I’m currently sipping on a true “Hi C” drink… colds are sweeping the workplace and I want to ensure that I arm my body with all the nutrients it needs to keep the germs from thinking my body would be a nice place to party!

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Great updates! Glad you are still going strong! I’m starting my mostly liquids week but that includes waters, teas/tonics, pureed soups, juices/smoothies, etc. I blogged about the start of it but have another post planned for later today as well! Trying to catch up from the weekend and move into the week as well!
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