Just a few more bags; housecleaning

Our home is looking empty, after my decluttering a few weeks ago… Items we haven’t used in a long time, were either given to the Purple Heart or tossed in the trash.


This past week, I did collect a few odds and ends, that I must have overlooked. Since they were too battered, the only place for them was the trash. Our trash delivery, runs on Friday, and so I had one trash bag full of the ‘decluttered items’ I’d gathered. I ran into a slight problem… I forgot to set out the bag. Whoops! And so this afternoon I trotted the bag of trash to the local dumping zone. Since I’m local it didn’t cost me anything. Just my time and gas.

I haven’t done any cooking today, and I might keep it that way. We have leftovers. The day after I made the chicken fried rice, I made two types of burgers; chicken and black bean burgers. Perhaps I’ll get a chance to take pictures, and post them today, if not I’m sure I’ll be able to post them sometime this weekend.

But back to housecleaning…

Am I missing the items I parted with? Not really, those that were in good condition went to people that could really use the items. The rest were recycled, and tossed in the trash.

Question: Have you been staying on top of your housecleaning?

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Mitch Mitchell

I can’t say I’ve done a lot of housecleaning, but I did decide my bathroom needed a little bit of sprucing up. This involved taking down the covers around my lightbulbs in there, taking them into the kitchen and giving them a good cleaning, which I think is the first time in the 11 years I’ve been in this house I’ve done that; that’s a shame, I know. Made me feel better though and it’s brighter as well. lol
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