Knitting: A touch of grey

I normally have a lot of grey yarn in my yarn stash.

However, this past year I went through most of it with Christmas and various other occasions crocheting and knitting items for the fiber worthy. A few weeks ago when I looked through my yarn stash I realized I had only about 45 yards of grey yarn (I’m being generous) left.

While I haven’t found the appropriate shade of grey to upgrade my stash, it hasn’t stopped me from doing a lot of online yarn browsing. I’ve seen a lot of lovely yarn, that has caught my attention, but I haven’t purchased any. Tempted? Of course, but I’m very good at resisting yarn temptation.

My post title shares the same name as the song ‘Touch of Grey’ by the Grateful Dead. I loved the band and have listened to many of their songs.

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Nice song. Never heard any of their songs – I just assumed from the name of the band that they would be playing heavy metal rock…and I’m no longer into those songs – too noisy for an old man like me, not like when I was younger. Hehehehehehe!!!!
suituapui recently posted..Not the right day…


Great song, indeed! We just added it to our library on our 70’s/80s station here!
Jennifer recently posted..The Chi & Me