Knitting mittens, two at a time

The temperature is dropping in Maryland, and although my daughter has at least three pairs of gloves the one that she keeps reaching for is the single fingerless glove that I made for her during the summer time.

Per her request, I made that fingerless glove shortly after her best friends dress up birthday party. The costume she chose, ‘Rock Star’ which included a single fingerless gloves. Looking at it, I told her I could knit her a similar glove and it would last a lot longer since it wasn’t cheaply made. In a few hours one fingerless light green glove was made, she liked it so much that she wears it constantly. She even wore it to school yesterday.

Yesterday, her Lutheran school offered a casual day… for $2.00 the children can wear casual clothes and it’s a creative way for our school to make some additional money for the various programs that are offered. It’s a private school, so they sure aren’t getting money from our government which is supported by us taxpayers. I could go on and on about the notion that some have that money/programs from the government is ‘free’. No, it’s costing something since the government is funded by taxpayers… but that’s a rant for another day. Our school receive their money from those who pay to attend the school. A few scholarships are offered (yearly) to assist some who wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise.

Casual days is just one way the raise additional money to pay for the extras offered at the school. Casual days, always makes the children happy, and I don’t blame them, as a child I certainly grew tired of wearing uniforms all the time at school. To accompany her casual wear, she wore that one glove. I only let her wear it since I drive her to school daily and I knew she wouldn’t be going outside at recess. Naturally, I’m thrilled that she loves that glove so much that she wants to wear it constantly, but at the same time I’m thinking, she needs more gloves.


Last evening I told my daughter to choose the yarn she wanted (she choose pink and grey) and I would make her some convertible mittens aka flip top mittens. What I’ve always liked about this style is that your hands stay toasty warm when needed, but if you need access to your fingers you flip the top backwards and… ta da! Your fingers are exposed.

I’m doing two mittens at a time, the process is a bit faster than doing one at a time. And, if I decide to do things differently I don’t have to write the info down, since I’ll be transferring my mods directly to the other mitten.

My daughter and I have  a fun weekend planned. Board games are on the list, crafts, and later on we’ll be watching a few movies… while watching those I’ll cast on her two at a time mittens.

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curls and q

Q – Fun times!!! Have you played the dice game Farkle and the card-based game Attic? My kids loved both. Be sure to post the mittens – guess that goes without saying. 😎
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