Know your worth: Harlan Ellison — Pay the Writer


Harlan Ellison: Pay the Writer

Recently on Ravelry, there was a discussion about knitting and how much one should charge for their work.ย I’m not selling any of my crocheted items yet. I’m still learning, but I do see many crocheters and knitters undervaluing their work. Well, guess what? This applies to any profession. When I got interested in paper crafts, I saw it there. I do a lot of freebies for family and friends. I also volunteer my time to assist with local charities and I alsoย make hand crafted items that are donated to various organizations.

If I ever get to that place where I do sell my crocheted designs — you won’t find me underselling myself. Those who do undervalue their work can make it challenging for those who are selling their work at a legitimate price, since some buyers might assume they’re getting ripped off. Talk about frustrating! I’ve experienced this when approached (by some people) about technical writing assignments, and in the past when selling my beadwork and sewing designs, however, I never undersold my services.

Anyway the discussion on Ravelry made me think about Harlan Ellison’s rant Pay the Writer. Now Harlan’s a bit more colorful than I’d be, I don’t swear, and you won’t find me threatening anyone, but watching the video you get the point. Although he’s speaking from a writer perspective, this can be applied to other professions also. With myself it took a lot of research, to ensure that I receive fair pay for the work I do.

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Hiya! I am going to watch this after the play back for Rawpalooza and Karen Knowler’s session! Very interesting, btw. This pay the writer reminds me of the potential bloggers union talks a few years ago ๐Ÿ™‚
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Okay, I am watching it now…totally get him! kind of cracked me up because it’s true a lot of the time ๐Ÿ™‚
Jennifer recently posted..Couscous Creation


First, I thought that I will not like this..I was very skeptic about it. Then I watched it and I must admit that I agree with him most of the time!
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LOL, wow, you were absolutely right, Harlan is very colorful to put it mildly. But well, he does get the point across. Ask for compensation commensurate to the work/services provided, regardless of what industry we work in.

Kate Brown Wilson

Harlan speaks directly to the point, that is what I like about him. I believe that he is a great writer, and he needs to be paid for his professionalism and his love in his work.
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