Loving Every Minute Of It; Malabrigo lace baby merino yarn

A few packages arrived today.

One for my daughter (she was excited) and the Malabrigo baby merino lace weight yarn.

Love the pretty packaging
Love the pretty packaging


The yarn was colorfully packaged, and included was lovely postcard type picture featuring more of their gorgeous yarn…

Malabrigo Baby Lace Amoroso and  Apple Green
Malabrigo Baby Lace Amoroso and Apple Green


but the outer layers of both yarns was a bit dusty. Which is surprising, who wouldn’t want this colorful yarn?

Malabrigo Baby Lace Merino Apple Green, so soft and squishy!
Malabrigo Baby Lace Merino Apple Green, so soft and squishy!


I brushed it off and it seems fine. And while I’d love to rewind the yarn today, I simply don’t have the time. My daughter and I are playing with what arrived in her package.  The skeins are tiny compared to my worsted Malabrigo yarn, but that’s to be expected. It’s lace weight yarn. Which is a big difference from worsted weight yarn. The yarn companies turn around time was fast,  I placed my order on 12/30/12 and received it today, 01/02/13. Since I didn’t need a rush order, I chose the slowest route and still received it fairly quickly.

Perhaps later this week, I’ll do a comparison between those two yarns? I’m currently working on a knitted hat using the malabrigo singly ply  (worsted weight yarn) and I should be finished within the next few days. I’ll wait until I have crocheted/knitted a nice amount of hats, before they are distributed. I’m definitely loving every minute of the time I have to play with fiber, many times I only have a few moments, but I still enjoy them nonetheless.

Lovin’ Every Minute Of It! Why, I haven’t heard that song by Loverboy in years…

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How fun! I love getting packages in the mail! And great pick on the song, too, it’s a goodie!

I have 3 posts today, btw 🙂
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