Machine Embroidery: Custom Orders

You want to know something? Posting some of my “embroidered masterpieces” on Facebook has generated interest and a few inquiries have turned into some custom orders at my price. I don’t undersell myself. Not bad, right? Part of the satisfaction of knowing a trade skill and doing a good job with it, is realizing that there’s always a way to make money if you’re working for someone else. In the past, I used my trade skills for years to take care of myself. Of course, marketing your abilities is important. You can be extremely skilled and fail if you stink at marketing.

Brother scan-n-cut

Because of the recent flurry in custom orders, I purchased the Brother ScanNCut. It should arrive tomorrow. I’ve been looking at cutting machines for a few years, but held off because the technology, in my honest opinion, was quite clunky. That’s why I never got on board with the higher end Cricut (or similar) machines. No, I don’t want to be chained to a computer, no I don’t want to have to purchase cartridges.

Brother ScanNCut had me interested since I can scan what I want and cut. I love that since it means I won’t be dependent on dies and it also means that I really won’t be giving my applique scissors and extended workout since the Brother Scan N Cut will cut a variety of materials including cloth! Check out the above video, to see some of the possibilities. Youtube also plenty of other videos showing Brother ScanNCut fabric projects.


One of the first projects I’ll be making with Brother Scan N Cut, is Disney Frozen appliques.

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I do love demos and you tube videos and infomercials explaining the product better! I’m a nut for Infomercials…that might sound weird, I know! Teehee
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Gee! They have everything now. Makes life a lot easier. Takes out a bit of the “fun” or not, you reckon?
suituapui recently posted..I can’t afford it…


Neat! I’ve never seen a tool like this before. Looks like it makes cutting out appliques a lot easier!
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