Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2015

So… I will (finally) be going to the Maryland Sheep & Wool festival this year. It slipped my mind in 2014, and I had another event to attend in 2013, so even though I wanted to attend I could not.

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Early this week, I remembered that it was coming up and logging on to their Facebook page, I saw it was this weekend. Here’s where it gets interesting. I thought about it for several hours, reminded myself to tell the BF, that although I did not want to change our plans, I would, because of this annual event.

Well guess what? I did not get a chance to ask him.¬† One of the first things, my BF, asked when he called was , “Opal, Do you want to go the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival?” “I know how much you love your fiber crafts and I think it would be a fun even for us to do.” I never told him about the event; however, I was touched that he would ask me that and more importantly, not minding attending the event with my daughter and me. He went on to tell me he saw an advertisement about the event, when he was coming home from work. The fairgrounds is about five minutes away from where he lives.

Of course, I’m thrilled that he remembered how much I love fiber crafts and am impressed that he actually wants to attend such an event with a fiberholic like myself. I’ll be good, and I’ll have a reminder (my daughter) who I’m sure will let me know when she’s ready to leave.

I’ll be sure to post some pictures of what I purchase.


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Sounds interesting. Looking forward to your pics.
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How cool is that
Hope you have fun
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Oh Bummer! Is there another event in the near future?
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