Memorial Day & Brother ScannCut makes fussy cutting easy

Here in the United States, it’s Memorial Day. Many businesses are closed on this day.  Some will visit graves of those who lost their lives fighting for this country. Others pay tribute in a variety of other ways to; parades, reenactments, visiting special events, etc.,



Vietnam memorial

A few years ago I shared a lot of Memorial Day facts

I love history. Over the years, I’ve read a lot about this particular holiday. Did you know In 1865, freed slaves took part in a huge celebration in Charleston, South Carolina? The celebration was held at the Washington Race Course now known as Hampton Park.

What’s interesting is that this location had served as a temporary Confederate prison camp for captured Union soldiers. Mass graves on the site contained Union soldiers. I found it fascinating that in 1865 freed slaves removed bodies from the mass graves and placed them into individual graves. They also placed a fence around the graveyard, and declared it a union graveyard.

So do stop by if you’re interested in reading additional Memorial Day facts, check out that post… you might learn something new.

Brother ScanNCut and a Memorial Day Card

Today, my daughter and I visited family friends. We had a lovely time with them. To say thanks, my daughter made this lovely card.

BrotherScannCut_Card 3 05.26.14


I really love how the Brother ScanNCut handles fussy cutting. It means one less thing that I have to do with my X Acto Knife.

BrotherScannCut_Card 2 05.26.14-

The above picture is a coloring page that I printed and scanned into my Brother. The Brother ScanNCut did an excellent job cutting on the line, don’t you think? I can only show you part of this cards page, since the families information could be seen from the other side.


BrotherScannCut_Card 1 05.26.14

My daughter thought it would be a nice touch to add a grill and so I printed an image of a grill that was scanned into the Brother ScannCut. Both pictures were direct cut and my daughter colored the pictures.

Photo Source: Mass Casualties


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Hi there! Hope you had a nice weekend! I was offline for most of it. Neat cards – I’m seeing! LOVE reading about your new machines, too!
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Maybe one of these days down the road I will be a follower of a crafting blog of hers! She’s a delightful young woman! Very talented!
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Saw some of the performances at the Memorial Concert on youtube. Very nice.
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