More Sewing Machine Embroidery; Brother SE400

Easter Sunday I embroidered the design that you see below…

The day before Easter, I sewed the machine embroidered car for my six year old nephew and although I’d made a few machine embroidered designs for my daughter. I thought I’d make her something else.


Machine embroidered bunny with the Brother SE400
Machine embroidered bunny with the Brother SE400


I saw the design, Stitchy Bunny, at the Urban Threads website. I thought it was really cute. I swapped the colors used in the featured sample and sewed the embroidered design you see above.


This is the Urban Threads Stitchy Bunny. I didn't embroidery this, it's the sample that is featured on their site.
This is Urban Threads “Stitchy Bunny”. I didn’t embroider this, it’s the sample that is featured on their site.


My daughter thought the above sample was “creepy.”  I liked it, but she was happy with the color changes I made to the embroidered design.

Brother SE400_Urban Threads.Bunny_2


She’s excited that is finally warm here in Maryland since she can now wear the t-shirt as a regular shirt. I’m really enjoying my Brother SE400, my daughter hopes I outgrow the machine. It can only embroider in a 4×4 area, because I told her if I upgrade I’ll give that Brother sewing/embroidery machine to her.

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OMG! LOVE THIS! Sooooo cute! I think that one might be creepy but in a cute way, too! LOL 🙂

I can just picture her saying that! HA!

Adorable little guys, here, tho! Terrific!
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Hey! That’s nice. Something like one of Tim Burton’s characters (The nightmare before Christmas) but it’s nice, very cute.
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