Mother’s Day is not this Sunday…

It’s such a relief to learn that Mother’s Day is not this Sunday.

Early yesterday, I was “hooking my fingers to the bone” since I thought it was.

That all came to a halt, when I chatted with my mother…

“Mother’s Day is always the second Sunday in May!” Naturally, I felt a bit silly, rushing Mother’s Day, but also I was relieved. Since, it means that my crochet hooks aren’t top priority in my downtime.

At church this Sunday, my daughter children’s choir, is performing a few songs; for mothers. Which made me think, “Oh, Mother’s Day!”

These children have come a long way this school year, and are starting to sound like a children’s choir. The majority of that credit goes to their choir director, who just happens to be my daughter’s piano teacher, and she’s also the director of Traditional music, at our church. This amazing lady has a lot of responsibilities, but makes it look easy.

 Since, I was making it top priority to complete the gifts by this weekend, my Mother’s Day gifts are almost complete.

For my mother, I’m making jewelry. When it’s complete, perhaps I’ll post a few photos on Celebrate Life. I’ll make a card to accompany the gift.

Also on the list is my daughter’s third grade schoolteacher. She’s not your “traditional mother” since she doesn’t have children of her own, but she does an excellent job mothering her third grade class. She’s amazing with them, and so I want to make her something also. Beaded bookmarks, facial scrubbies, and perhaps a few more items are on the list for my daughter’s teacher. I know she’ll love them, she loves to read, but the bookmarks she has are bits of paper, time to upgrade her to something proper, right? 

Then, there’s a lady I used to work with, Mrs. L. She’s the other type of mother too. No… not the Neil Gamon type found in Coraline. She’s 73, which is a year younger than my dad, and she has filled the role of mother throughout her adult life. I’m working on a crocheted/beaded bracelet. It looks lovely, and in some of her favorite colors.  Crocheting amigurumi mice are also on the list. She has two cats, and I don’t want her babies to be left out.

One thing all these ladies has in common is an appreciation of handmade gifts. Of course, I’ve spent hours working on various crafts; crochet, jewelry making, and card making, to ensure the gifts I’ve made are nice.  Since I know what they like, I know these gifts will be appreciated.

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Yay for handmade gifts and also yay that you don’t have to give yourself carpal tunnel syndrome to get them done for THIS weekend! LOL. I am looking forward to seeing photos of your finished items once you have finished/gifted them to the appropriate people. And how like you to think of the pets – I used to do that every Christmas for all our family branches who had pets too! 🙂

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