My first Demand Studios payout

A few days ago, I received an email from a Celebrate Life reader, they follow me via Celebrate Life’s RSS feed but don’t comment. Which is normal, if you look at your stats, in many cases you’ll find you have more people that regularly visit your site without commenting.

Anyway this reader was curious about Demand Studios. They asked me whether it’s legitimate, and more important do they pay on time. Being that I’ve only started writing at Demand Studios, the information I could give them was limited. I know they’re legitimate since a few bloggers I follow are writing for the company. I sent them a few links to writers who’ve been writing with the company for a long time. This morning, when I opened my personal email, I received a note from them telling me they had gotten accepted into Demand Studios. I sent them a congratulatory mail, and a few links that I thought would be helpful.

Demand Studios

Demand Studios; payment for one article

The above screenshot, is the first payment I’ve received from Demand Studios. This payment was for the first approved article I’d written. Livestrong pays their writers $25 per article. Demand Studios pays their writers twice weekly; Tuesdays and Fridays. That’s a first for myself, since I’m used to being paid either biweekly or monthly for online work.

With print articles, I don’t receive payment until after the article has been published. If I remember correctly, the longest I had to wait for payment was about seven months. Naturally, the payment received was a lot more than what I make at Demand Studios.

Wayne Howard of Wayne’s Business & Pleasure, has recently started writing for Demand Studios. He’s recently written about it on his own blog, if you’re looking for additional information, stop by and read his post.

Writers Market is a great resource for writers looking to for tips for both online and print publications. You will have to pay to join. Their membership fees start at $5.99 monthly, however, if you purchase their book Writer’s Market Deluxe, you’ll also receive a code that can be used to activate your online membership. I’ve been a member since 2006. Writer’s Digest is another great online resource.

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Way to go Opal. That sounds great that you are using your writing skills to earn extra income. I want to look into this but at the moment my Mum is very ill and most of my time is taken up nursing her so this is on hold.
I read Wayne’s article and he seems to be really enjoying writing too.
Patricia Perth Australia
Patricia recently posted..Lavender Health- Lavender Essential Oil


Glad you got your first payment. That’s the one positive thing I could say about them, that they paid on time.
Mitch recently posted..The Debates About SEO


[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Will McCulloch, Wayne Howard. Wayne Howard said: RT @HealthyOpal My first Demand Studios payout […]

Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

Writing articles on thing that you are fond of can be a lot of fun. It gets more fun however if you get a paycheck for doing something that you love. Congratulations on your first paycheck!
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Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

Hi @Healthy Opal,

I’m very happy for what you’re doing so far. I agree, that when you do things you love most, things will turn out very well. Looking forward to those new health-related posts here in your blog!
Felicia @ No Deposit Poker recently posted..Marcus Petersson wins the Swedish Championship &euro44-240


Gratz! I bet that was exciting for you! I need to look into doing something similar hehe.


Thanks Opal! I just signed up as it looks like an intriguing way to share my expertise in education and teacher training.

Take care,
Ellen recently posted..Bullying- The Golden Rule Solution