My Workout/Office Bottles: Klean Kanteen

Kleen-Kanteen-Loop-Cap-Bottle-40-ozWhether I’m heading to work or going to the gym, you’ll always see with my faithful companion, my stainless steel Klean Kanteen. I’m not too fond of plastic, I can always taste the “plasticy” taste even in the ones that are supposedly BPA free.  There quite a few studies that seem to suggest that “BPA free” aren’t as safe as some might have though.

But back to my stainless steel bottles. The one I take to the office holds 40 ounces of liquid and the bottle that accompanies me to the gym holds 64 ounces.

Earlier this week, I ordered one more 40 oz  Klean Kanteen. Judging by UPS tracking, It arrived this morning.  This will be one of my little gifts for my father. His birthday is next week, but I’m giving it to him today. My dad will be 75, he’s still very muscular and physically active. Lord willing, I’ll be a lot like him at that age. He can use it when he goes to the gym.

Kleen Kanteen All Stainless Steel Loop Cap

I also ordered two stainless steel bottle caps to replace a few of the stainless steel/plastic caps I own.

Over the years, I’ve given a few away of the Klean Kanteen bottles. I must say that they were much appreciated by their recipients. These are well constructed stainless steel bottles. Besides a few dings that my workout bottle receives from being banged around, they are doing well and will continue to serve me well for several more years.

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I’ve been looking at UPS Tracking a lot lately, too! LOVE tracking packages!!!!
Jennifer recently posted..FUN on a FRIDAY!