Native plants; Lavender and Mint

It’s been hectic, and since the weather is now warm, I’m enjoying spending time when I’m able outdoors. Over the past several weeks, I have completed a lot of work outside, and there’s still much more to finish.

The plants on our property are native to our location, and I want to keep it that way. I’ve relocated a few plants to different places.


One of the plants I relocated is some of our mint. It has been doing its own for about twenty years. I moved some of the mint growing on our property to a different location. The above mint was growing in a shady part of our garden. I transplanted some of it in the above planter pot and placed it on our front doorstep; the remaining was placed on the side of our house that does not have any plants. It’s the only side that does not have plants as a border.


Both of the new locations receive full sun. As active as the mint was in the shade, I know it’ll do even better with that much sunlight.

Besides the mint, I’ve also purchased additional native plants to welcome to our property.

Yesterday, I picked up six lavender plants from Lauren’s Garden Service. Initially, I’d purchased four lavender plants, two more blueberry bushes, and two foxglove beardtongue. However, after placing the bought plants in my vehicle, I went back and purchased two more lavender plants.

As you can see, they’re in full bloom! Lauren’s Garden Service is an eco-friendly landscaping and plant nursery. They’re located about an hour (one way) from where we live; however, it’s worth the trip. They’ll be a welcome addition to our property. My daughter and I were commenting on lavender plants in bloom last week, so it’s nice to see that I could snatch up six large plants for our home.

I’m looking forward to transplanting these beauties and watching the pollinators flock to them.

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