Natural skin care business: Light at the end of the tunnel…

The past few weeks have been busy as I’ve been rounding up items needed to reopen my natural skin care business.  I had a small natural skin care small business up until the time my daughter was about two years old. It’s something I’ve missed immensely. I did a lot of research and experimentation and created natural skin products that truly made me proud.

kids experimenting

Within the next few days, I’ll be experimenting with a few of my old recipes; sunblock and toothpaste. I have plenty of  eager guinea pigs that I know will give me their honest opinion of whatever I grace them with. They’re the same folks I used the first time around.

skin care tubes

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen my post about  the lip balms. I made some this past weekend. You know what? Lip balm tubes and deodorant tubes are the perfect container to dispense your hard butters. They keep fingers out of the mixture and much less messier (and more sanitary I might add) then dipping your finger into a jar.

unrefined organic coconut oil

Tomorrow I should receive a large order of  unrefined extra virgin coconut oil, zinc (non nano) and a few other goodies. This Friday, my daughter, her best friend and I will be having fun with soap making. I’ll be making several pounds of liquid castile soap. No this isn’t one of the partially prepared soaps since I’ll be making the real thing. I have plenty of sodium hydroxide aka lye available. It’ll be a nice learning experience for my daughters friend and fun time for everyone involved.

It takes about a month for cold processed soap to cure, so this soap won’t be available to use immediately. But the results make it worth the wait. I do believe some of the soap will make it’s way into Christmas gifts.

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Ahhhhh!!!! You’re very enterprising! Good luck! Coconut oil? The ethnic people here used that traditionally on their hair so it stayed black and glossy. Don’t think the present generations do that anymore though.
suituapui recently posted..She said…


PLEASE!!!!! Let me know your website when you are ready to sell!
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