Not the same, but it’ll do

A few days ago, I told my daughter that I’d make Chinese Orange chicken for her and my brother. The orange chicken did not happen since I did not have any oranges in the home. Whoops!

However, I did make a ginger chicken recipe that they both loved very much. They loved it so much that I do not have any suitable leftovers for meal prep. Since they ate most of it within two days, they ate it with the rice I’d made in my much loved Zojirushi rice cooker a few days before. I love this rice cooker; it has a warming feature that allows the rice to stay within the rice cooker for 48 hours. We are rice lovers, and I purchase a massive variety of rice from HMart, the Korean grocery store where I do most of my food shopping.


Both of my parents are making progress. Thank you, God. It’s an answer to prayer. Many people have been praying for them. My father’s physical therapist had him in his wheelchair today and had him use his legs and arms to navigate around the second floor of their home. I’ll be off of work another week, although I do plan to hop on a few hours when I have the time. The following week, we will have a Home Health aide at home, and I’ll be back at work full-time. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m thankful that I have a fabulous manager and director that is understanding and willing to work with me during this time. I started at this position a little over seven months ago. With how backward employment laws are here in the USA, they don’t have to work with me if they don’t want to. I’m blessed that they live up to their work/life balance motto. My company says they care about the wellbeing of their employees; they show it through their actions.

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Your chicken & rice dish looks really good.
Glad that your parents are doing well, praise the Lord.