Nutrition: Online course, new domain, and a new hosting provider

A few weeks ago, I started taking another course focusing on natural healing; those who know me know I always reach for natural remedies first if I have any health-related issues. The class meets each Sunday morning for two hours. I was able to attend the first class. I enjoy the course; three medical doctors who also incorporate holistic remedies within their practice are in attendance. I’m enjoying the class. Since I had another obligation last week, I was unable to attend. No worries since the streamed class is available to the students the next day.

Currently, I’m catching up on videos that I missed and should finish what I missed soon. I’m listening to one of the doctors talk about autoimmune diseases; she’s talking about skin afflictions and the rampant disconnect in Westernized cultures by mainly using drugs to treat ailments instead of heavily emphasizing that a person’s lifestyle might be a factor and if so, educating and encouraging lifestyle changes so the patient receives relief from the affliction without being dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. I look forward to my class this morning and interacting with the teachers and students.

New Domain/New Hosting Provider

In the past few months, I’ve started creating videos, with my lovely daughter’s help, to showcase our garden, baking, and herbal preparations. Instead of having that website fall under the hosting provider that houses I’m Celebrating Life, I did some research and have finally moved the domain purchased to its new home.

Creating a YouTube channel has been on my ToDo list for several years; however, it was a long-term goal that I knew I would be unable pursue until years later, and here I am, slowly creating videos. I’ll be sure to share that website here at some point.

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I’m all for natural remedies. Will look out for your videos on Youtube. All the best in your undertaking.