Oh my… time is flying

Wow, and here I thought I wrote my last post a few days ago. It’s been a week? My, my, my the time is a flying by. Well, it’s going to keep on whistling by me for a while.


My daughter is in the school musical, which means late days practicing and I’ve been even more active with my workouts and going out a bit more, so when the dust settles in my neck of the woods, I’m spending time with my daughter and just relaxing.

Here’s hoping I get a chance to post more very soon. I have a ton of pictures to upload; food related and Bella, our new puppy.

In other news…

Earlier today I stumbled upon the website, Minimalist Beauty. It really caught my eye since the writers approach to health and wellness is very similar to my own. She has some great articles about hyperpgimentation, so I’ll be curious to see what she has done. I must say, that I am so glad that my hyperpigmentation issues are quickly becoming a distant memory.

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It’s been a while for me, too. It’s been kind of deliberate, trying to change some things.

With being back to work again, I need to be more selective in what I do. Typically, in the past, when I was working on contract, the things that slipped were (1) projects around the house and yard and (2) making it to the gym. I’m just now getting my fitness level back to where I want to be and I have plenty of home projects to work on.

I don’t want to let it happen, again, this time, so I have deliberately cut back what I do with the computer at home, including online activities. Like you, I am also spending more time just relaxing.

Take care!! 😉
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