Prius update

Well, earlier today, I received an unexpected blessing from the place where I purchased my Toyota Prius. I won’t have to pay the full price to get the inverter filter replaced. How awesome is that? I’ll be taking the vehicle in later this week.The used car dealership uses the same auto mechanic that I do. In fact, they were the ones that introduced me to them. I use them because they are dependable, don’t run games on me when it comes to car maintenance and charge a fair price.

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That’s excellent news!!!!!! Great to hear!
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That is good news. I was suprised how many miles you have on the car so far. It seems like you got your moneys worth from it. I do some work on my cars and i hate finding a good garage to do the actual work i can not. Most try to tell me more is wrong but i know alot about cars so i find another garage once they try to tell me i need something i do not.
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Oh and what city are you in? I’d love a trustworthy mechanic for my car.