Purple cabbage Stir fry and Chana Masala

About a week ago, or perhaps a little longer,

I made this dish. It’s a purple cabbage stir fry and chana masala.

In a large stainless steel bowl, I combined the purple cabbage,  sweet red, yellow and orange peppers, cilantro, and I added some freshly ground spices and herbs. The chana masala was leftovers from a dish that I’d prepared about two weeks before. I made a lot and simply placed the large batch into two serving size containers and stored in our deep freezer.

Meal prep is perfect for anyone, but most appreciated by those (like myself) who stay extremely busy. The times that I really don’t feel like preparing a meal, all I need to do is decide what meal that has already been prepped, that I want to eat. Not only does it save me a lot of money doing this, it also ensures that the foods I eat aren’t loaded with preservatives and there are countless studies that prove that following a whole food lifestyle is superior to consuming processed foods. Knowing this and definitely seeing the benefits (47 and still medication free, my last cold was in 2002) when compared to others, why in the world would I settle for something less? Yes, at times it takes an effort to prepare meals, but I’ve long ago I learned that we make time for what we think is important.

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Jennifer Bliss

Chana Masala! Always a good choice!
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