Raccoon watching; unexpected surprise

“Mom come quickly,” said my daughter standing by the door.

Raccoon cleaning its paw


Here’s what we saw

Raccoon cleaning its paw


We went outside for a closer look. I think this raccoon was sick.

  1. This raccoon was stumbling.
  2. It’s behavior was similar to rabid animals that I’ve observed.
  3. A car came down in our community and the raccoon didn’t move. The car had to move around it or it would have run it over.

We watched it for a while and then eventually went back inside. A few hours later we heard a loud bang. This raccoon was on our neighbors property. He shot him with his shotgun. It was a clean shot and the raccoon died instantly. My daughter was upset, but I reminded her that this raccoon was sick and it didn’t have long to live.

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It wasn’t only sick, it was a danger to other animals and, potentially, other people. If you see a normally nocturnal animal behaving strangely during daylight hours, it’s probably got rabies, from what I understand.
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Awww poor thing! That’s a tough one…when there is no hope for them, ya know? So very sad that this lil guy is no longer ‘with us’ – may he rest in peace. I hate hearing stuff like this but you hate to hear about them suffering, too. Tough one, indeed!

He looks very thin…and/or young. Almost can’t tell which. Virtual HUGS to your daughter!
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Indeed Rabies is dangerous to ALL…scary, thing! We have a few cases every year it seems. One of the main reasons I have indoor furkids! They are only out when I am with them!
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