Random pizza post

Early this week, my daughter asked if we could make pizza. Of course we can!

Daughter using mortar and pestle_1.12.22.13

My daughter is a great helper, she ground up the various ingredients in our mortar and pestle while I got the dough out of our bread maker.

Chrismas Eve 2013 Pizza_1
Homemade pizza ready to be slid into the oven

We added a lot of veggies to the pizza. I did not feel like making a homemade pizza sauce and so I sliced fresh tomatoes onto the dough.

Homemade Pizza.12.22.13_2
Piping hot pizza

We also added spinach, I would have much preferred adding the greens for the last few moments of pizza baking, but my daughter wanted to add them when we slid the pizza into the oven. So how was it? Well… my daughter raved about this pizza, but she did agree that in the future the spinach should only be added in the last few minutes. I’m sure we’ll make something similar soon.



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curls and q

Q – WOW! Send her my way to be my helper! The pizza looks super yum.
curls and q recently posted..Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!


Gosh!!! That sure looks good!

Hope your Christmas was great! Cheers!
suituapui recently posted..Just like old times…


I have to ask– what spices did you grind up in your mortar and pestle? the pizza looks delish!

Happy New Year!


I LOVE adding Tomatoes to Pizza! One of my faves! The photos look great!
Jennifer recently posted..Colorful Bento & Holiday Arrangement Surprise