Raw Pasta: Fun With Raw foods & Juicing…

About thirty minutes ago, I made flourless pasta.

Raw Pasta_1.3.8.14
Raw Pasta: Zucchini Pasta

How did I make it?

Plastic spiral vegetable slicer
Tri-blade Plastic spiral vegetable slicer

 I pulled out my Tri-blade plastic spiral vegetable slicer and made some zucchini pasta. The spiral vegetable slicer can be used for a lot of vegetables as shown in the above photo, but I mainly use it to make vegetable pasta.

I must say raw veggie pasta is the quickest type of pasta that I prepare. It doesn’t take long compared to the traditionally made flour based pasta that I also make, and I will say that I’ve grown to like this even more. The main vegetables I used to make ‘pasta’ are zucchini.  Zucchini,  has a light taste which doesn’t overpower the dish. Also, you can marinate it and it will adapt the flavor of whatever you add to it. So what did I add to this?

Raw Pasta_2.3.8.14
Raw pasta with a creamy tomato nut sauce

Pasta Sauce

  • roma tomatoes
  • cilantro,
  • soaked cashews
  • soaked walnuts
  • freshly ground spices and herbs


Add the pasta sauce to food processor and blend all together to make a ‘creamy tomato nut sauce’.

In hindsight I should have chopped up some tomatoes to add a bit of color, but even without it still was very good. The good news is, I made enough for leftovers.

Keeping with lent, the majority of what I consumed was juice. This afternoon, my upgraded Breville arrived and I must say that I’m thrilled that I decided to make the switch.

Tools Used:

  1. Plastic spiral vegetable slicer
  2. KitchenAid 12-Cup Food Processor, Chrome




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Zucchini? I think I saw something like this in friend’s blog. Ummmm….I think i’d just stick to the usual, thank you. They have fish noodles in Sabah, our neighbouring state in the country – very popular but I did not like it at all. Did not feel like eating noodles.
suituapui recently posted..Just not good enough…


This is my friend’s blogpost on her zucchini noodles. Hers is not vegan though…
suituapui recently posted..Just not good enough…


Looks and sounds great can wait to do more raw pastas soon
Jennifer recently posted..International Women’s Day


Oh! That sounds great, indeed!
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