Well… I finally took the initiative and changed my gym membership. It only took me two years to finally make the switch. I’d been at my old gym for at least fifteen years. It holds a lot of good memories. I met some fabulous people during the years and came away from the gym with some friendships. But towards the end of my membership I was not happy, but I kept my membership. The reason I held off cancelling was simple… the gyms that I DID like were further away from the house. I honestly did not want a lot of travel time just to get a workout and some sauna time.

Patience is key

Thankfully, a brand-new gym opened about three weeks ago and while I’d heard the rumblings I held off for a few reasons…

  1. I really don’t need a “fancy shmancy” gym to get a work out. Give me a basic gym and I can still push out an awesome workout experience
  2. I was not thrilled about paying double what I was already paying

However, since I was not thrilled with my old gym I decided to stop by and check out what was up this past weekend and I walked away with a gym membership at a great price. It’s still $40 more than I was currently paying, but they aren’t skimping on the essentials like housekeeping.You know, I appreciate those who maintain cleanliness in a work environment and I make a point to thank them often. One of the first signs that things were deteriorating at my old gym was the absence of housekeeping on staff when the gym was open. Housekeeping staff was reduced to a few hours daily and it was apparent in the general upkeep of the place and glaringly apparent in the bathroom and sauna. Since I can easily spend an hour in the sauna, I was not having that mess! So, I’m glad that with the new gym, they aren’t skimping on cleanliness.


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I know we’ve talked about this on FB lately but I also wanted to comment here, too! Looking forward to more posts on your exercises! I hope to start posting about more of my activities, soon, too!
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