Round two: COVID Vaccination

It’s been a little over three weeks since my father received his COVID shot. The day he received his vaccination, he told me that he was sleepy, and the remaining week, he had a sore throat, but other than that, he’s fine. Tomorrow, I’ll be taking my father in for his second dose of the COVID vaccination. Since he typically takes my mother to work (she’s a nurse), she’ll be coming along, and I’ll drop her off before we head on in for his shot. Dad’s appointment is at 7:30 am.

Immediately after his first shot, he told me that he did not need me hanging about for the second shot. But he changed his tune once he learned that his brother had a nasty reaction to his second dose of the vaccination. Guess what I wasn’t listening to him anyway. I still took time off work and told him I’d be hanging out with him to make sure he was okay. My brother was going to come down if I was busy. He’s not minding that I’ll be hovering about him. Since mom works tomorrow, it makes sense to be available if I’m needed. I’d taken off Monday also, just in case. However, my mother told me that she doesn’t work. However, I’ll stay off and plan to do things with my daughter on Monday.

Here in Maryland, they’re slowly opening up the vaccinations to more people. I find it interesting that while most people who work out of the home are eligible to receive the vaccination, not all are. What? If you think about it, that does not make that much sense since if you are working, your chances of being exposed to COVID are higher than those who are at home. My work is considered essential, so we were never shut down. However, even though we are essential personnel, we don’t meet the criteria for those allowed to get the vaccination. It’s a bit strange since I’m in an office setting, surrounded by many people.

I’m in no rush to get the vaccination. I typically have had nasty reactions to them and avoid them whenever possible. I most likely will be required with my job; at some point, I’ll choose the one that seems to have minor side effects. Currently, I’m still researching the ones available.

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