Rounding up my equipment; cold process soap

My daughter and I are both counting down the days; we share one countdown, soapmaking which we’ll be doing during the Thanksgiving holidays. She also has two more countdowns; Thanksgiving, and Christmas. She’s excited seeing me pull out my soapmaking equipment….

Getting ready for soapmaking!


I’ve already set aside my stock pots, immersion blender, and my dependable Kitchen Aid mixer which I purchased about six years ago. If I remember correctly, I spent a little over $300, for that, it was a great investment. All the items I’ve listed are used exclusively for making skin care products..

The above mentioned items, along with essential oils, herbs, and my carrier oils; jojoba, coconut, olive oil, and palm oil, are in the basement. Jojoba oil, finds it way into many of my soaps, and skin care recipes since with soapmaking it adds lather, and conditioning properties to the soap. Also, jojoba oil mimics the sebum, which is naturally found in human skin, and can make a great ingredient to add to skin products. If used correctly.

You can use a variety of items for soap molds.


My sodium hydroxide (NaOH) aka Lye should be arriving toward the end of this week. I have lye in my garage, but I don’t think it’s good since I’m thinking it’s been exposed to moisture. My ‘soap molds’ are actually bread loaf pans, which I purchase at the local department store. I also have my goggles, mask, and rubber apron that I’ll be wearing while making the soap. I don’t play when handling caustic chemicals.

Since cold process soap normally takes three – six weeks to cure the process won’t be instant gratification, but I still have enough homemade soap to tide us over until my new batch cures.

I’ll be sure to take pictures of the process. I imagine you’ll see photos from my daughter and myself. This will be her first year, that she gets to play an active role making the cold processed soap, and she’s excited.

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Too cool! I’m looking forward to seeing the process. Sounds like fun, like the only part of chemistry I ever liked – mixing stuff together. šŸ™‚
DragonLady recently posted..Maniacal Monday #13


You make your own soap? Gee!!!! Amazing! That would be interesting to see.

curls and q

Q – This is one craft I’d love to learn. We have a local shop called Summer’s End which offers soap making classes. I keep thinking I’ll sign up! Just what I need, a new addiction. šŸ˜Ž Can’t wait to see pics of your soap.
curls and q recently posted..Womenā€™s Work


[…] my sodium hydroxide (aka lye) arrivedĀ  yesterday. Yippe!!Ā  My daughter andĀ  will be making soap either tomorrow or the following […]

[…] my sodium hydroxide (aka lye) arrivedĀ  yesterday. Yippee!!Ā  My daughter andĀ  will be making soap either tomorrow or the following […]


[…] today, my daughter and I made soap! It wasn’t much, just about three pounds. I decided to keep this batch small while I […]