Say Hello to Bengie

About three weeks ago, we introduced Bengie, an outdoor stray cat, into our home. After one night, he realized what that square box with pellets was and used the litter box without any issues. Then, my daughter got the idea to add a bit of potting soil into the box, and a light bulb went off, and he was using the box as an expert.

Bengie and knitted ball

This past Saturday, I knit him a wool ball which I stuffed with sheep’s wool, catnip, and a noisemaker. I’m thrilled to say that Bengie loves the ball and has played with that and a few other toys I purchased for him. I got the idea to create him a knit ball made out of wool because he was drawn to the wool blankets that I’ve made. When I had one near him, he came over to me and started kneading the blanket with his paws. He peered at me through half-slitted amber eyes, and his little motor (purring) increased in volume.

Work is going well. I’m in week nine of training. I have one more week and then will finish training. I received recognition in August for my job performance. It wasn’t expected; however, I do appreciate the recognition. I enjoy my job, and it’s nice to work for a company where management truly values its employees.

In other news

I took an unexpected day off of work today. Funny how that works since I work from home; however, I knew I would not be up for training since I’m not feeling well. I still feel a bit under the weather; however, not as bad as I felt earlier today or the weekend. I’m trying to get as much rest as possible. I think I’ll be out one more day and should feel well enough to return to work on Wednesday. I don’t particularly appreciate missing work; however, I know I would not have accomplished much if I were in training today. There were a few people out a few days last week because they weren’t feeling well. Since I work remotely, I didn’t receive anything from anyone in my class. I suspect it might be that I reacted to something since the symptoms mimic what I experienced several years ago. In that case, as I guess with this one, It just needs to pass entirely out of my system.

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