Searching for the appropriate box…

Since the BF and I are now exchanging old fashioned hand written letters, I really need to search for an appropriate box for storage, right?

Box for love letters

A quick search online has shown me that there indeed is a market for “love letter boxes.” However, I think I’ll be making my own. I do believe it’ll make it a bit more personal, don’t you?

Last evening,Β  the BF came by for a visit and gifted me with my first handwritten letter (after we’ve made the commitment to writing each other) and although it wasn’t mailed to me, I’ll take it. He asked me not to open the letter until I went to bed; however, I could not wait that long and I opened it right after he left. I did promise, that next time I’d be good and listen to his “letter request,” regardless of how silly I might think it sounds.

I’ve already read and reread his letter about three or four times. The other card that I have received from him (in February) has a permanent spot on my nightstand. The only other thing on my nightstand is my Holy Bible. You know something, he hasn’t received any of my letters yet? I mailed mine… I hope he receives at least one today.

This coming weekend, I’ll work on my boxes to store my love letters. I say “boxes” because I’ll be making another to hold the letters I receive from my daughter. I do believe she’s going to make one to hold the ones she receives from me. Of course, I’ll post pictures of the finished boxes. By the time they’re completed, I do hope that a few more letters have settled into their new home.

I promise the next few posts won’t be as sappy. πŸ˜‰


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Can’t wait to see the box you create!
I kind of like the sappy posts it’s a whole new side of you
I think it’s sweet πŸ™‚
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Now that’s a very nice box! Looks like a treasure chest – I guess you can call your love letters that, a treasure to treasure.
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