Sewing Adventures: Shirt making – adding the ruffle

I’m still designing/sewing that shirt and I must say, that’s it taken longer than I expected.

It has nothing to do with it being “hard,” I’ve just changed my direction as I started sewing. For example, since the shirt was so plain, I decided to make a few adjustments. I made it more fitted at the waist and I decided to add

Sewing ruffle.09.24.14
Serged ruffle

a ruffled neckline

Sewing ruffle 2_09.24.14
Close up of serged ruffle

I measured, cut and sewed several yards of fabric. Afterwards I gathered and serged the ends.

Sewing Shirt 1_09.24.14
Ruffle on shirt neckline. I’m redoing the ruffle.

The ruffle is the same fabric, I just reversed so the “wrong side” is actually the “right side”. While I like the contrast, the neckline isn’t right and it has everything to do with that ruffle. It’s much too big for my taste and so I’ll remove it from the neckline and make it smaller. This is a easy process to do since the ruffle is not permanently attached; I secured it to the neckline with a basting stitch. I’m actually thinking of adding some embroidery to this shirt also.

What started out as a “simple project” has become a bit more labor intensive and I’m perfectly happy with that. I’ll be sure to post pictures of my progress and me wearing the shirt once it’s complete.

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That’s very nice! The ruffle is perfectly all right as it is.
suituapui recently posted..Time to go…


I think this turned out great! Nice ruffle!
Jennifer recently posted..Kid at Heart

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