She’s 18…

My goodness, where has the time gone? It seems like just the other day that I was bringing her home from the birthing center. Yes, I had natural childbirth, and now she’s 18. Sighs this fall, she’ll be in college.

I took the day off of work, and I left my job early yesterday to spend more time with my lovely daughter.

Twelve birthday balloons!

This morning, I purchased 12 balloons for her. Why only twelve? I wanted to get 18 today; however, 12 balloons in my little Toyota Prius were already hogging valuable viewing space. I have not bought her balloons since she was a child going to Chuck E Cheese; however, judging by the smile of delight that spread over her face when she saw the balloons. I know she was happy. Tomorrow, I’ll add six more balloons to make it 18. My daughter is low-key and rarely asks for anything. As she became older, I typically gave her money for her birthday (and she saves most of that) and some little trinkets.


Second pizza made in my 16″ Ooni Pro

What did I make for her? I made another pizza in my Ooni Pro.

I am still chuckling at the pizza shape. At least it does not look like a bicycle seat this time.

She enjoyed the pizza and had a few slices.

Tomorrow, I’ll be making Mexican food. About an hour ago, I asked her what type of dish she’d like; she said, “Something good!”

Today, I bought her a cake; we added birthday candles. Her grandparents were present, and her uncle (my brother) called, and we sang Happy Birthday. She protested that she did not want us to sing for her; however, she seemed pleased.


Happy birthday pretty princess. I love you!

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Congrats on 18!Our granddaughter turned 18 in the fall and is also graduating.  She says she is taking a “gap year,” but who knows where that will go.  She and her parents moved from Wisconsin to Huntington Beach, California last summer and they’re already ready to move again… away from California.  They are thinking Arkansas!  They left Arkansas 20 years ago, well before the granddaughter was born and she wants to move here, too.  We’re all for it of course.Our soldier grandson is 20 and just got married… after his fiance turned 18.  We lucked out and met her the weekend before the happy occasion.  They paid us a surprise visit on their way from Tennessee to Fort Sill.Our grandaughter will be visiting them and the the three of them may visit us next weekend.


… and we had another visit this weekend.  Grandson Ethan was going to Tennessee at the end of the week to pick up Emma and her stuff to move her to their new apartment offbase in Ft Sill, Oklahoma.  She had gone back to Tennesse to finish up some things, like school, working out her two-week notice at Starbucks, etc.  (She’s hoping to get on at a Starbucks in Oklahoma and has a good recomendation.) Granddaughter Ciera had flown to Oklahoma and went with Ethan.  They stopped here on Saturday afternoon and stayed until yesterday morning.  (I hope Ciera has stopped growing.  She is 5’10, thin, and easily the tallest female in the family.)