So much hair….

The day after Vacation Bible School began, I changed my daughter’s hairstyle. She told me that braids were for babies, and asked that I style her hair differently.

Her hair is a lot like my own; super thick and curly. If it were straight, it would be halfway down her back. She adores her curls and ringlets that were hidden within the braids, and is now styling her own hair. After a few days of wearing it out, she now rotates between wearing it that way, and pulling it back into one of the crocheted or knitted ponytail holders I made for her.


Daughter 1 06 25 12

In the above, my daughter is being silly. She was drinking her water, and talking about it’s benefits, and explaining why it should be part of everyones daily intake if they’re fortunate to have an abundance of it. Not everyone has easy access to water.

When I mentioned changing her hairstyle to Jennifer, scrapbooker/card making artist, via email that I styled my daughter’s hair differently she asked to see pictures. I’ve took several pictures of my daughter yesterday, and will be sending them to her, by mail, sometime this week.

 My daughter is a “tomboy/girly girl”  and she loves wearing my handcrafted creations, such as the crocheted leviathan band, which is great since I can make plenty of cute items for her.

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Reminds me of Diana Ross… So nice, her crowning glory. I know some women would willingly pay to get their hair to look like that…
suituapui recently posted..Click…


Totally LOVE her hair!!! She;s so sweet! AND SMART!! Just like her mom! I, too, was a tomboy growing up! 🙂
Jennifer recently posted..Peace, Love, and Chalk!


What glorious hair!!! She is adorable though and would be even if she were bald! LOL. Fortunately, she has plenty to play with!

I tried to comment here yesterday but was having trouble with my ipad because your site shows up mobile-optimized with something called Wapple on there and I see no way to comment or to turn off the mobile site to view a standard site (most others I have seen DO have the option to return to a standard view of the site). Anyway, I’m starting to work off calories by going back and forth from ipad to laptop with all the problems I have been having being able to do some things on one device and not the other and vice-versa. Oops. LOL. Sorry for venting here to you like that on this post, but it is cheaper for me than paying a therapist! 😉 I love how your knitted hat is coming out too! Great color green and your stitches are so nice and consistent.