So this happened

Saturday, I received my office equipment (courtesy of my new place of employment) from UPS.  I saw the UPS coming to our door with two large boxes and one medium-sized box. I was sitting at my sit/stand desk working on the computer. I looked out the window, and the UPS driver was strolling up our yard, wheeling three boxes; two of them were large boxes. I knew the office equipment was scheduled to come that day. I’d received a notification a few days before that packages were one the way.

As I looked at the driver and those large boxes, I had a sinking sensation, and I instantly thought. If it contains what I believe, those are NOT going to fit on this desk. I immediately started hoping that those boxes weren’t an accurate indication of the size of the monitors.  My sit and stand desk arrived from Amazon on Tuesday, 7/6/21. My daughter and I put it together that same evening. I brought the boxes indoors and took them upstairs to my home office. Again, I was hoping that my original assumption was inaccurate. I was wrong.

Hilarious! Those monitors make my sit/stand desk look small.

Those monitors looked even more ridiculous placed on my sit/stand desk than I’d initially thought. These monitors are too huge for this desk. I had to turn them at an angle to fit on the desk. Each monitor is 23″. Looking at them placed on the desk. I was already having unpleasant thoughts of worse-case scenarios involving them toppling. Plan B kicked in quickly. I instantly logged onto Office Depot to look for an appropriate desk that could accommodate my company issued devices; two monitors, a laptop with a docking station, and a keyboard. All the equipment provided by my employer is HP, and the computer is an HP Elitebook. After a bit of search, I stumbled upon this.

Realspace® Magellan 59″W Managers Desk, Gray

It received a lot of positive reviews, and even better, it was on sale! I bought the desk, and it was ready for curbside pickup within the hour. But, my goodness, was that box heavy? My daughter and I barely made it into the house with that long box. Although petite, I’m fortunate that I’m strong, so that was helpful. However, there was no way that I’d be able to bring the box upstairs. Everything was packed in one package. It was too heavy. I opened the box on the ground level, and my daughter and I carried the pieces upstairs. I noted that there were a lot of tiny pieces. Oy! I remember thinking that, “This is going to take a long time to put together!”

Hooray, the monitors fit!

And you want to know something? I was correct; however, it was well worth the effort. In total, it took about seven hours to put this together. There are still a few items that I want to purchase; however, for the most part, everything is ready.

Does the employer-provided equipment work?

Why yes, it does. My employer graciously provided detailed written/visual instructions for getting everything connected. My employee badge is also a smartcard and is inserted in the bottom left-hand side of the HP Elitebook. It read my card without any issues; however, I was unable to create a temporary password. I talked to my boss on Friday, and from our brief conversation, this should be working. I’ll reach out to the Helpdesk today to get the issue resolved. I have one more piece of furniture arriving today. I still have a few small items that I will get in time; however, there’s no rush. I’ve cleared the last major hurdle, and now it’s time to focus on other tasks before I start work on 7/19/21.

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