Soccer Reflection; Running

Soccer season is officially over, and things are starting to settle down in our household. This past Saturday, my daughter’s soccer team was in the soccer tournament. Although they didn’t win they did an excellent job, and our school awarded them with trophies. They’ve all made major improvements since the start of soccer season, and it’s nice  to see that many are eagerly looking forward to next year.

My daughter will be accompanying me in some of my marathons next year. Although seven years old, she’s been the fastest runner on her team, and the teams they’ve faced. Although she won’t be accompanying me on the high distance runs, I have no problem letting her join me on runs up to 3 miles. Naturally with her accompanying me, I’m not running to place it will be just another way to bond with her and to do something we both enjoy.

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That’s fantastic! My little girl will be 7 in March, and I’m always doing artsy crafts with her, that’s something we both enjoy and do well. She also loves to help make Christmas cookies and do a bit of sewing. It’s especially nice when we are able to et out and go around the town on our bikes! Spending time with your daughter, it doesn’t get any better than that, ya know? Like when she says something in a conversation that throws you for a loop b/c she is growing up and you still see her as your baby! lol My daughter is very precocious..I haven’t decided if that is good or bad : )
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Hi Opal

Great to see you posting again. Your daughter sounds like she is taking after you and being fit and healthy…yay 🙂

My friend loves running and next year her daughter will be 7 so I won’t be surprised if she wants to start running with her Mum too. Sure it slows you down a bit but as you say; great opportunity to bond some more.

BTW Just done my first guest post and opened my Etsy store this week too as I at last was able to source local lavender products.

Patricia Perth Australia
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Hi Opal,

I’m happy to see you! I know you must have been very busy with the soccer tournament.

Tell, Sweet Tooth, I said congratulations! They made it to the end and had fun doing it and that’s what matters the most.

I didn’t know you ran marathons. Go on with yo bad self! 😉

Take care,

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This is excellent that your daughter has keen interest in sports at early age. Sports makes mental horizon wide and also keeps the body fresh. I hope your daughter will be target attaining personality.

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Hi Opal,
Your daughter sure is young for being the fastest runner on her team. I kinda envy you for having a child that excels in sports. Happy running and be safe! Looking forward to your next posts.
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