Stationery Bike: Over 1000 Miles!

This past May, I received my stationary exercise bike. Since that time, I’ve ridden over 1000 miles. I ride my bike daily for at least an hour. This purchase was because I was unable to go to the gym because of COVID. I’m enjoying the at-home workouts. I’ve always worked out at home, but now I do it exclusively. When my gym finally reopened, I did not return. I would have returned if the rules for being in the sauna weren’t so restrictive. At my gym, you can only be in there for ten minutes at a time. To truly receive the health benefits from the sauna, the time suggested is much higher.

Besides my stationary bike, I also purchased two Specialized mountain bikes in August, one for myself and my daughter. The stationary bike, combined with mountain bikes, exercise bands, and an exercise wheel, are more than enough ways to keep me physically fit.

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Our gym is owned by the local hospital and has not opened and doesn’t have a projected opening date. We’ve been members there since 1992.

Since the gym was closed and we were getting into the warmer months, we bought a Nordic Track treadmill in June. We use it regularly, walking several miles every day. I’m usually on it a couple of hours a day. That’s when I do my streaming video watching.

We are staying home except for grocery shopping, an occasional trip to the home improvement store, and medical-related appointments. The last has probably been the most between regular appointments with 2 doctors, blood tests, cataract surgeries, dental, and a fall that left me with bruised ribs.

Stay safe!
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